The Body Shape Blox are a uniquely designed and patented exercise system. Its unique stacking feature allows you to customize your workout by altering the Levels, product Positioning and your Body Level with each exercise.

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Uniquely Designed

The building block system allows the user to adjust to the proper height and arm extension for better form, versatility and a superior workout. Adjustable for all body types and fitness levels. The Body Shape Blox nonslip rubber grip and comfortable contoured top design, allows for many different hand positions with each exercise, eliminating joint and body stress, while maximizing muscle performance. The Body Shape Blox provide optimum form and positioning for proper exercise technique, from the beginner to the athlete, for the perfect shape, definition and body tone.

Variety of Exercises

The unique stacking feature, allows for many different exercises, Pilate's, Yoga, Pushups, Abs and Aerobics. Using the Body Shape Blox at different Levels and Positioning, allows greater range of motion for deeper muscle workouts. Great for toning, strengthening and building muscle mass. Complete core training, targeting your arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. Exercises are performed easier and with better form providing less stress on lower back.

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